Oxford Unversity Press lanza la "London Review of International Law"

18/09/2013 | Francisco de Vitoria

Foto: Simona Norfolk Oxford Journals lanza la London Review of International Law, enl a que se publicarán artículos académicos de la más alta calidad sobre derecho internacional en todo el mundo.

Como cualquier nueva revista de Oxford Journals es gratuita online durante los dos primeros años.


The London Review of International Law publishes highest-quality scholarship on international law from around the world. Reflecting the pace and reach of developments in the field, the London Review seeks to capture the ways in which received ideas are being challenged and reshaped by new subject-matters, new participants, new conceptual apparatuses and new cross-disciplinary connections. Central aims of the London Review are to encourage imaginative thinking, inspire innovative analysis, and promote excellence in writing. While no area of international legal interest is excluded, the London Review prioritises non-doctrinal scholarship, including theory, history and socio-legal studies.


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Formato: Jueves, 18 Julio, 2024